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Anaheim Funk Jam of the Week!

Since it’s the late Michael Jackson’s birthday today and all, it seemed right that this week’s Anaheim Funk Jam of the Week be Gift of Dreams’ “Moonwalk.” Now go bump this in the bucket!


Last Lila Update

“Shake Away” your disappointment, Lila Downs is coming back to Anaheim. After fans learned of the unfortunate news that Downs had to cancel her concert that would have taken place last night, the Grove of Anaheim quickly worked with the singer to reschedule the date. Ticket buyers, hold on to your boletos because they will be honored for the new concert date of Sunday, October 25th! If you can’t make the show, refunds are available.

Update: Lila Downs Cancelation!

Two days before her scheduled appearance at the Grove of Anaheim, Lila Downs has canceled the show! News of the unfortunate occurrence was posted to the singer’s website with the explanation that she had undergone emergency surgery for appendicitis. Thankfully, Downs is said to be resting and recuperating and left her fans with the following message:

Me encuentro un poco hinchada y somnolienta pero fuerte como un aguila despues de que me echaron cuchillo en esta mañana de agosto. A causa de esta operación tuvimos que cancelar una gira importante para nosotros aquí en los Estados Unidos. Ya salí con bien gracias a Dios de esta apendicitis.

I am a little swollen and sleepy but strong and thankful for a successful operation of appendicitis here in New York. Unfortunately for this reason we needed to cancel our concerts this week in the U.S., but soon enough we’ll be out there doin’ our thing.

Word from the Grove is that they are attempting to reschedule the concert date. When that takes place and a new date is announced, tickets purchased for this Wednesday will reportedly be honored. Get well Lila!

Interview with Lila Downs!

For years, Lila Downs has melded her powerful multilingual vocals with musical arrangements that engagingly blend the sounds of our global village. Of mixed heritage herself, the signature syncretism that has come to define her artistic presentation has been most recently evidenced by the release in late June of the appropriately Spanglish titled anthology The Very Best of el Alma de Lila Downs. The Oaxaca-born singer’s commanding range will be echoing through the Grove of Anaheim this Wednesday, but before that, Downs made time to speak with the Weekly about her music.

Read my exchange with Lila Downs here:


Anaheim Funk Jam of the Week!

This is the first post in a new series on donpalabraz.com – Anaheim Funk Jam of the Week! Yes, you readers need to be given something once a week so you can bump it in your bucket! This inaugural post is from Vaughn Mason and the song is titled “Feel My Love.” You might recall Mason’s big hit, “Bounce Skate Rock Roll,” and if this jam sounds familiar it’s because Frank V of Proper Does sampled it for the tight as shit track “Somethin’ to Bump.”

Elbows up…

“Air Pepes?” Mexican Singer Debuts New Shoe Line

Grammy-winning Latin recording artist Pepe Aguilar is set to debut a new line of signature shoes at twin events this weekend in South Gate and Anaheim. The singer himself will be present to sign your new pair of kicks at both locations. A press release regarding the announcement quotes Aguilar saying, “I’m a true believer of tradition, but I’m also fascinated with technology and the way Latin culture has evolved. Our brands are all about that. We are combining the very best of today with the best of yesterday, and are hoping to create the standards of tomorrow”

The new signature collection is starting with Men’s casual and work shoes but will evolve to include a women’s line as well as apparel. You can catch Aguilar this Saturday, August 15th from 2 – 4 pm at WSS – Warehouse Shoe Sale in Anaheim located at 2114 E. Lincoln Ave.

Anaheim Artist Paints “In Motion”

The Orange County Register, which usually only gets a mention here for its racist clusterfuck of online comments on all stories related to Latinos, published an article about new murals being painted at Anaheim’s GardenWalk. Christina Guerrero, pictured above, is a friend of mine and participated in the “Anaheim in Motion: History Comes to Life” project. She can be seen working on a major mural on Mexican culture complete with feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, the agave plant, ballet folklorico, and a mariachi.

Guerrero, whose work proudly hangs in my bedroom and includes requested portraits of Latin American revolutionary icons like Frida Kahlo, will have her mural displayed publicly alongside others at the Gardenwalk on August 15th.  It will the culmination of hard work under the pressure of deadlines. The experience has been rewarding for her and other participating artists involved as it has included working with kids from the Anaheim YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club.

Thankfully, “Anaheim in Motion,” was inclusive of the Latino presence (we are the majority here after all!) The GardenWalk, a pasty replica of outdoor corporate culture resplendent with a megaplex movie theater, Vegas-style club, and expensive clothing chain stores, will at least have one wall dedicated to raza. There’s thorny histories of Latinos in the city that I’m sure Guerrero couldn’t paint for the project, but in the lovely neighborhoods of “Wabaheim” I often see driveways of houses full with young girls, fully dressed in cultural garb, learning the ways of ballet folklorico from an instructor.

Guerrero’s mural is my hometown.