Subversive Historian

The “Subversive Historian” was launched on August, 6th 2008 to bring daily reminders to the people of their history in rebellion. Audio commentaries filed by Gabriel San Blogman and aired on Uprising Radio in Los Angeles on 90.7FM take a look back at important dates in our social struggle. Realizing that the history of now is lived not studied, San Blogman’s subversive histories bring the past to the present by illustrating the relevancy of our movement legacies. The absurdity of establishment history and the fallacies of right-wing rhetoric are also underscored by the conclusions of his anti-myth mantras. So let’s continue to keep it real and understand why it’s no mystery why they attempt to conceal our history.

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2 responses to “Subversive Historian

  1. Hey, I’m totally diggin’ your blog. Continue your struggle to shed light on the dark truths that abound these days. The light of truth can never be extinguished, no matter how hard some people try. I’m definitely adding you to my blogroll. Peace. 🙂

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