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Charges Dropped Against the “GIAC 2”

Girl in a Coma’s recent summer tour was clouded over by an incident that occurred before the release of their second album “Trio B.C.” An altercation took place at a bar in Houston which resulted in the arrest of singer/guitarist Nina Diaz and bassist Jenn Alva. The two had been facing serious charges of felony assault on a public servant until yesterday. The band’s website reported the following:

Many of you know that the band has been dealing with legal issues that we haven’t been able to talk about until now. Today Jenn and Nina went before a Grand Jury in Houston, Texas to face charges of felony assault on a public servant. We are happy to announce that both Jenn and Nina received a “No Bill” which means that they have decided not to indict the girls and the case is over with no criminal case against the girls. The band is relieved that this ordeal is over and that justice system worked. Thank you to our family, friends, club owners and especially all the fans that stood behind us and believed in us throughout it all. xo-Jenn,Nina and Phanie

The legal mess that entangled Girl in a Coma depleted their savings and all the touring they did this past summer, in effect, was to begin recuperating from the losses. Now with the charges finally dropped, the girls can put everything behind them and resume doing what they do best: rock!