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Cordero Returns to the West Coast!

Based in New York City, the band Cordero has been quietly perfecting its unique blend of indie-rock rhythms infused with the infectious sounds of Latin music. Fronted by Puerto Rican songstress Ani Cordero and featuring members of various ethnic backgrounds, the band’s songs intermingle her soothing vocals with musical arrangements that are irresistibly danceable on multiple sonic fronts. The Village Voice attests to this phenomenon having said of Cordero’s live performances that they “usually wind up as street parties outside the venue.”

Cordero are making their way once more to the West Coast for tour dates in support of their latest album “De Dónde Eres,” released a year ago to critical acclaim. The band will be making a local stop this Saturday, August 29th at the Levitt Pavilion Memorial Park in Pasadena, an outside venue already conducive to becoming a street party, but before that, singer/guitarist Ani Cordero made time to speak with LatinoLA about her music.

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Cordero – Ruleta Rusa

Ani Cordero’s surname serves as the identity for her New York based group that has just released a brand new album, “De Donde Eres.” The Puerto Rican singer/guitarist, who you might recall as the drummer for “Pistolera,” takes her soft and soothing vocals on a Spanish language journey through the multiracial band’s catchy Latin inspired rhythms and melodies. I had the chance to see Cordero perform a stripped down set that was recorded for Travel Tips for Aztlan when the group passed through Los Angeles and was impressed. Supporting the release of “De Donde Eres” is the new video out for the single “Ruleta Rusa,” which is at times a solemn yet urgent lament for the seemingly irreversible environmental destruction man has wrought on his creator Earth. Enjoy…