Subversive Historian – 08/14/09

{Osceola: before the college football appropriation}

The End of the Second Seminole War

Back in the day on August 14th, 1842, the second Seminole War in Florida came to an official end. Prior to the onset of renewed conflict, President Andrew Jackson, who in the first war led army attacks on Seminole villages burning them down to the ground, saw to it that the Indian Removal Act become law during his administration. When the legislation was passed in 1930, it called for all natives to be moved to lands west of the Mississippi River. Clearly affected by this, the Seminoles of Florida did not want to leave their land and resisted instead. The Second Seminole War ensued as surprise attacks on white settlements and U.S. troops were coordinated and led by the native warrior Osceola. General Winfred Scott led a surge of U.S. troops into Florida in response as war raged on. The Seminoles were dealt a devastating blow when Osceola was captured and died in prison in 1838.

Four years later the war came to an end with many Seminoles forcibly moved west from their land to Oklahoma. That’s why when people ask me if I have a $20 dollar bill on me, I say “Oh, you mean an Indian Killer?”


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