Subversive Historian – 08/11/09

Stuart Christie Arrested in Spain

Back in the day on August 11th, 1964, Stuart Christie was arrested in Madrid, Spain in connection with an assassination plot to kill Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. The 18 year-old anarchist from Glasgow, Scotland had smuggled explosives across the border for what was to be the latest in at least thirty attempts on the Fascist General’s life. In a later interview, reflecting back, the Glaswegian radical explained his motivations saying that repression in Spain had worsened especially with the judicial executions of Joaquin Delgado and Francisco Granado for two victimless bombings. Christie himself faced the possibility of the death penalty but was given a twenty year prison sentence instead.

After protests around the world, visible support from European intellectuals like Bertrand Russell and John Paul-Sartre, and a persuasive letter from his mum, Christie was released after three years in prison.


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