Subversive Historian – 08/10/09

The Nueces Massacre

Back in the day on August 10th, 1862, the Nueces Massacre occurred in Texas. With the Civil War raging in the not-so-United States, many German immigrants living in Texas did not wish to serve in the Confederate Army. They continued their objections even after a new confederacy conscription law was passed that sought to force their hand into the ranks. Faced with the enforcement of a draft, the Germans dissenters in Texas plotted escapes to other states and even to Mexico. Such ventures carried with them the risk of death as Captain James Duff of the Confederate army considered those who fled conscription as traitors. Seeking refuge despite the threat, a group of German dissenters attempted to trek to Mexico, when Duff learned of their plans. His men descended upon the immigrant group along the Nueces River in Texas as fighting commenced. Many Germans were killed in the massacre as others were executed after having been taken prisoner.

The names of those who lost their lives mark the only monument in a former Confederate State for union sympathizers.


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