Subversive Love Notes #6!

If I had only known that Subversify Magazine writer Grianne Rhuad placed my humble scribblings as #6 of her top 10 Subversive Love Notes last February, my Valentines Day might have been less of a drag! Her list was dedicated with the holiday in mind and outlined her “10 Subversive Personalities/Groups/Individuals” and why she loved them.

I finally came across the article today and blushed to read that Rhuad declared me her “newest object of affection!” After quoting an “About Me” blurb I pretentiously composed in third person for the Subversive Historian’s Myspace page (there I go again) she wrote, “How can I not be in love with someone with that outlook? I am also massively turned on by the amount of research and study that goes into all of the commentaries given by The Subversive Historian. Entries cover all areas from Zulu warriors to addressing inconsistencies in Barack Obama’s camp. Get to know the Subversive Historian, you won’t be sorry.”

Whoa! “In love” and “massively turned on.” Who knew history could be so damn sexy! I think I am on to something here. Welcome Subversify Magazine as the newest addition to my blog roll!


One response to “Subversive Love Notes #6!

  1. Thanks for linking us to your blog roll, what an honor…and I meant everything I said, I only wish your Valentine’s day would have been more Subversive!! Ooops! I mean better. Cheers!

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