Subversive Historian – 08/07/09

The First Edition of Regeneracion

Back in the day on August 7th, 1900, Ricardo Flores Magon with the help of his brother Jesus published the first edition of “Regeneracion.” A law student who heeded the call of journalism, Flores Magon initially oriented the periodical around critique of the criminal justice system in Mexico. In time, “Regeneracion” evolved and became the voice of the PLM – Mexican Liberal Party in opposition to the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz. Through its pages, the editorial staff writers were able to articulate blistering critiques of the tyrant in the lead up to the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Being the outspoken critic that he was, Flores Magon was frequently imprisoned for his activities. In 1904, the revolutionary from Oaxaca with anarchist convictions left for the United States to carry on with the struggle from exile. In this period, “Regeneracion,” began its second phase in San Antonio, Texas eventually reaching a circulation of upwards to 30,000 readers from both sides of the border. The newspaper found its most steady home in exile in Los Angeles where it published from 1910 -1918.

Critical of the governments of Mexico and the United States, the two found common ground in cooperating in the task of repressing the voice of Flores Magon until he died while imprisoned in the U.S. under espionage charges.


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