Art Laboe: Nominee for Radio Hall of Fame

If you have been listening to the Art Laboe connection lately, as I have, you’d know about the advertisement for the weight-loss product “Evercleanse” which cleans the mierda out of your intestines leaving you with a rucka magnet six pack stomach! But more seriously, Laboe, who is well into his 80s, has recently been mentioning his nomination for the Radio Hall of Fame.

Definitely deserving of the honor, the Killer Oldies DJ has been encouraging fans to vote online to secure his place. A visit to the Radio Hall of Fame website reveals that balloting has since closed, but thankfully they had the forsight enough to nominate the man before it was too late. Such was not the case as evidenced by the posthumous award granted to among others the legendary Studs Turkel who passed away last year.

Laboe is being considered in the “Local – Regional Pioneer” category and his biography is listed on the Hall of Fame site with the following: “the Los Angeles disc jockey, songwriter, record producer and radio station owner, was the first disc jockey to play rock and roll on the radio on the West Coast during the 50s. His “Killer Oldies” show can now be heard on various West Coast stations.”

Bring home the distinction for all the homies, Art!


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