Birther Billboard Bigotry!

I was driving along my daily commute back from work today when I noticed an enormous billboard even though I tend to avert my eyes from the sort of thing. The question, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” beckoned from its  green background risen high above and to the side of the 5 south Santa Ana freeway around the City of Commerce.  Of course, this is related to the conspiracy theory that proposes that President Barack Obama has not put forth valid proof that he was born in the United States and thus is not entitled to occupy the oval office!

The wack-job website World Net Daily is apparently financing the billboards in locations across the country to sway public opinion. The truthfully disturbing part of this is that despite contrarian reports in the media, few have put forth the analysis that the ‘birther craze’, by in large, stems from the collective racist psyche that cannot accept the reality of an African-American president.

Sure, there will be people who will say race has nothing to do with it and will admonish me to do the “research.” That’s fine and dandy, but I live in a nation where a Boston policeman can go on CNN’s Larry King Live and tell the host of the program that he isn’t racist despite writing an email calling Henry Louis Gates a “banana eating jungle monkey!” There are no more honest racists in this country and I don’t expect any birthers to fess up anytime soon.

What is also disturbing about this billboard on the 5 freeway is that it illustrates that there is an awful lot of money behind stupid! Juxtapose this nonsense with the fact that Media Matters for America largely can’t get its 30 second anti-Birthers commercial aimed at Lou Dobbs aired on CNN as five of six private cable providers have declined!

I guess there’s no hope for a stillbirth of the movement…Nor is there any hope for any real truth regarding my ‘birther’ question: How did the mother of Lou Dobbs manage to squeeze out that huge acorn head of the CNN host when he was a baby? Or was it a CNN-section? Where’s the live birth certificate?


One response to “Birther Billboard Bigotry!

  1. These birther /b/tards are a complete horror show of epic, bigoted proportions. I’m saying it’s time to find out the names of the individual birthers who go to disrupt the town meetings and SWIFTBOAT them. Personally.

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