Sunny War Shines On

I first learned about the music of Sunny War when I covered the Grrl Fair music fest for the OC Weekly earlier this year. After speaking with one of the principal organizers of the event, it was clear that singer/guitarist and her duo was one of the major highlights of the musical lineup assembled for the annual gathering marking international women’s day. In researching the music for the article, I was intrigued by War’s solo work which swayed lyrically on the explicitly political at times with a rare combination of blues guitar mixed with a punk asethetic. Her clawhammer style of playing was something I hadn’t seen before. In short, I was floored by the Nashville natives talent.

Fast forward to today when I finally read last week’s edition of the LA Weekly. Sunny War received an informative profile, that, like her music, I recommend everyone should check out:

One response to “Sunny War Shines On

  1. She’s great. Thanks Subversive Historian!

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