Subversive Historian – 07/17/09

The Spanish Civil War

Back in the day on July 17th, 1936, a conspiratorial plan by members of the Spanish military to seize power from the democratically elected and leftist Popular Front government was discovered. The revelation forced the hand of the right-wing Nationalists as they rose up and took key cities in the Spanish colonized territory of Morocco. A number of anarchist groups in Spain released a joint statement that afternoon that read, “The fascist danger is no longer a threat, but a bloody reality. A section of the army has risen in arms against the people in an attempt to impose on us the most atrocious tyranny.” The very next day, the military revolt spread to the Spanish mainland as the Civil War that ensued took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. After three years, Nationalist forces commanded by General Francisco Franco ultimately prevailed with the assistance of Fascist governments in Italy and Germany.

The anarchist statement warning of the coming terror proved all too truthful as thousands were disappeared and tortured during the decades-long dictatorship of General Franco that followed.


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