SolArt Radio Episode #13: Enjambre in Studio

SolArt Radio strikes back with one of its finest shows!. In episode #13, the band Enjambre joins us in studio to tell us about some local concertsthey will be playing at including this Saturday at Breath of Fire Theater in Santa Ana (Want tickets? RSVP to!)

With Sali and Vivian Shiraz holding down the mics, the band tells us why they felt they had to split from OC to leave to DF and how that move has played out over the course of last year. All the while, a playlist entirely selected by the band members spins songs off their albums as well as from arists like Who is Chuy Vega and Los Romanticos de Zacatecas.

We also convinced Enjambre to grace us with a live acoustic performance in studio for all the fans out there to get a sense of what’s going to go down this Saturday.

See an excerpt of their song “Reddish Skies” as played live on SolArt Radio:


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