SolArt Radio Episode #12: MJ Memorial and More

On this 12th episode of SolArt Radio, I take the reigns for the hour to recount my experience at the memorial service for the King of Pop Michael Jackson! As readers of this blog know, I was one of the lucky few – relative to those who wanted to be there – to get a pair of tickets. To underscore my thoughts, I begin the show by playing three musical highlights from the service – Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, and Jermaine Jackson.

You’ll definitely want to stay tuned after that to find out all about the first Sol Art Radio show production of the summer! The band Enjambre will be performing a special acoustic set this Saturday, July 18th at the Breath of Fire Theater Space in Santa Ana. Aside from that special announcement, I bring you the music of bands like Girl in a Coma, Strangely Attractive, and the Nekromantix.

Being the HipHop Head that I am, episode #12 comes to a close with some joints from the underground brought to you by The Glass Bottom Boat, Rebels to the Grain and Maya Jupiter! As always, spread the word and tell a friend about SolArt Radio!


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