A Look Back at My Good Ol’ College Days!

Thanks to an odd glitch on my Myspace page, I was able to view some old jokes I had written in on my “schools” field once upon a time – including a listing of all my campus affiliations! I am proud to admit that I am an alumni of UC Rivercide, and as you can tell, class, reading, and drinking at the Getaway Cafe was just not enough to complete my collegiate experience. As per my old Myspace page, I was a very active student involved in a number or campus clubs and even a fraternity, including:

~ Phi Beta Go Fuck Yourself! (Our “Anti-Socials” were the best!)

~ Future Huevones of America (too lazy to go to any meetings)

~ Taco Cart Guys for 9/11 Truth (Taco Meat cooks at 155F, Jet Fuel Burns between 800F – 1500F, and all the taco meat in the South Tower was crudo, demolition?)

~ Illegal Immigrants Against Illegal Immigration (self-hating co-founder)

~ Americans with Spanish Surnames (A.S.S.)


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