MJ’s Memorial Service in Photos


It’s been a busy topsy turvey week for me at donpalabraz.com! I started out the week on Monday with the disappointment or reading an email from the Staples Center that regretted to inform me that my registration to attend the Michael Jackson memorial service had been rejected. Two hours later, I checked my email again only to find an updated reply stating that I had indeed been granted two tickets to attend! With that, the course of my whole week changed. Here’s my attempt to tell the story through a few selected pictures:


{This is a photo of the coveted voucher I recieved on Monday to pick up a pair of wristbands and tickets to attend the memorial service}

dodger stadium

{Here I am visiting the vileness of Dodger Stadium. The process of picking up my tickets/wristbands took less than ten minutes and I never had to leave my truck!}


{Here’s my wristband drapped over the two tickets to the Staples Center. I looked at them all day in disbelief}

Michael Jackson

{In the sectioned off LA Live area huge photo montages of Jackson’s career reigned overhead including this picture taken during his last press conference}


{People began gathering outside of the Staples Center as early as 8 a.m.}


{The media gathered from around the world to cover the service for arguably one of the most famous persons on Earth}


{A view from inside the Staples Center as the funeral procession arrives}


{A view from my seat high above the stage where many of the world’s most talented individuals would pay respects to the King of Pop hours later}


{No commemorative merchandise was sold inside of the Staples Center and food concession stands closed at 9:45 a.m. Three hours after, however, people were greeted outside by bootleg t-shirts and bacon wrapped hotdogs}


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