Racist Bleach Bums

A “competition guide” for the Maloof Money Cup Skateboard Championships at the OC Super Fair ran a booklet filled with local advertisements. There was nothing to out of the ordinary about the booklet as I flipped through the pages, until I thumbed through the sixth page. I had to do a double take on an incredibly blatant racist ad for a laser teeth whitening company in Newport Beach.

The OC city, not known for its sizable African-American population shall we say, is home to the business known as “Newport Bleach.” Apparently someone there thought it fine to spread the word about its presence in the booklet by designing an ad where an elderly African-American man with missing front teeth flashes a bright smile as the text reads “Bleach Yo Teeth.” The non-flattering image coupled with the sad attempt at ebony phonics (it should have at least read “bleach yo teef”  – West African languages did not possess the interdental fricative of “Th” pendejos!) makes for a terribly racist ad, even for OC!

Tell these bleach bums what you think. Their website offers the following contact information:

949-335-5518 / info@newportbleach.com


3 responses to “Racist Bleach Bums

  1. That looks like OC Weekly—is it?

  2. nah, it’s from the OC Super Fair little booklet…

  3. wow!!! WTF?? I will email them now! tks Gabe-

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