Lonnie Jordan on Michael

When Michael Jackson died one week ago today, I had thought about asking musicians I had contacts with about their thoughts. Lonnie Jordan, as a founding member of War, has had plenty of great War stories over the years that I have learned about and I figured he would have a memory or two to share. Whether it be knocking Jim Morrison off a piano, having Bob Marley asking about the horns on “Slippin’ Into Darkness” or jamming with Jimi Hendrix in England the night before he died, Jordan’s recollections never disappoint.

Before I had a chance to ask, the vocalist/keyboard player for War posted his thoughts on the band’s Myspace page. “In my time back in the day there was sammy davis junior, jackie wilson, james brown, elvis presley and joe tex,” Jordan says. “Then came micheal jackson, the undisputed champ of the entertainment industry.”

“I was honored in the late 70’s when we were nominated for a grammy for best album of the year (the world is a ghetto) a young jackson 5 performed the cisco kid for the introduction of our album,” he goes on to recall. “Then in the 80’s janet jackson sampled the cisco kid for her song (you). I later found out that the cisco kid was one of their favorite songs. Micheal jackson will be missed.”


One response to “Lonnie Jordan on Michael

  1. Awsome, thank you for sharing!

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