Mumia on Michael

In the week since Michael Jackson’s passing, his global impact and far reaching influence is beyond question. Everyone has felt the loss and has been compelled to deal with it in a variety of manners whether it be dancing to his music at a club, watching his videos, or writing about his legacy.

Even leftists, who are usually quick to section themselves from pop phenomenons of the masses, have had to acknowledge Michael Jackson, most of the time with the utmost sincerity. Almost predictably,  the song “They Don’t Care About Us” became one of the preferred ways for the left to remember Jackson as the lyrics illustrate that the King of Pop had a social conscious fully capable of being expressed through his masterful music.

Mumia Abu Jamal was also among those highlighting the song, which has an alternate “prison” music video directed by Spike Lee. To put things in a relevant context, the  political prisoner has been on death row ever since “Thriller” came out. Moved by the recent news, Abu Jamal took the time from his limited phone privileges to file the following commentary on the passing of Michael Jackson:


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