The Nekromantix Debut New Lineup in OC

In a secret show I had to stay tight lipped about, the Nekromantix debuted their new lineup last night at the Slidebar in Fullerton. Kim Nekroman, the founding father of the psychobilly group, world premiered his new bandmates, Franc on guitar and Anaheim’s own, Lux, on the skins. The trio announced the show the day before on their myspace page, but failed to disclose the location which sent anticipation among its loyal fan base into a frenzy.

Unfortunately, due to my early morning jale, I wasn’t able to attend last night’s performance at midnight, but a text message from Lux conveyed the following:

“It was so awesome! Such an awesome experience for me. The room was pretty packed, mosh pits broke out, etc. And a lot of fans came out to support.”

As Lux reported, a number of lucky fans were able to check out the show, especially after spilled the frijoles on the band’s myspace blog, and comments to the their page reveal that a drunken good time was had by all.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the Nekromantix – like me – stay tuned for this Thursday’s edition of the OC Weekly, when my full length feature article on the band hits newsstands ahead of this weekend’s Hootenanny Festival.


3 responses to “The Nekromantix Debut New Lineup in OC

  1. I just realized…Roman is part of the band’s name!

  2. yeah, i’m putting my own trio together to be known as “The SanRomantix!” sssh! it’s a secret!

  3. Can someone tell Lux i’m stuck out in the east val with my upright and need help getting out of here!
    This is not a secret! let her know!

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