Anti-Immigrant Food For Thought

{What did these tacos ever do to you???}

What does Orange County’s notorious immigrant hater Barbara Coe have in common with cold blooded minutewoman killer Shawna Forde?

A new article about the tragic, hate-filled murders of Raul Flores and his 10 year old daughter Brisenia Flores in Arivaca, Arizona by members of the anti-immigrant Minutemen American Defense organization finally appeared yesterday in the New York Times. It revealed, among other things, the depths of hatred Forde, as the group’s leader, had for all things Mexican. In the article, a former member of M.A.D. spoke of his experiences hearing her lay out plans to fund the  militia through robberies. Influencing his decision to quit, the man also recalled other red flags saying, “I had to take an oath, and part of the oath was that I couldn’t eat Mexican food.”

Where else have we seen this anti-Mexican extremism manifest in cuisine control? The OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano, always on the beat of the California Coalition for Immigrant Reform, noted just last month that Barbara Coe, the group’s  leader, sent out an email to members warning against dining at ethnic restaurants! Citing a discredited doctor’s warning about diseases like leprosy that immigrants supposedly scourge citizens with when they cross the border, Coe wrote, “At least try to protect yourselves and your kids by distancing yourselves from anyone who cannot speak English as this is the first clue they might be an illegal alien AND never eat at ANY place where the waiter, busboy, etc. cannot speak English.”

As Arellano noted, this caustic caution by the leader of the CCIR hate group was primarily aimed at Mexicans. So there we have it folks…anti-immigrant vile runs so deep from Arizona to Huntington Beach in Orange County that even our culinary achievements are loathed! Fuck it! More tacos al pastor for me!

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  1. Those look SO good.

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