OC Dreamers in Cap and Gown

Supporters of the Dream Act gathered in Orange yesterday to hold a symbolic graduation ceremony that highlights the plight faced by students without documentation. The situation of the youth adorned in cap and gown is shared by many across the state of California and indeed throughout the nation. Non-resident tuition fees, lack of access to financial assistance, and an unresolved immigrant status upon graduation cloud what should otherwise be a clear path to a bright and contributive future in this society.

Read OC Weekly writer Daffodil Altan’s report on the ceremony:


The OC Register also covered the event, saturating readers with reminders that these students are “illegal” and are here “illegally.”


PS, the OCR ends by noting an online poll showing an overwhelming opposition to the Dream Act by its readership! Shit, just take a look at the comments on the bottom to see the racist rationales that (mis)inform their position!


2 responses to “OC Dreamers in Cap and Gown

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