SolArt Radio #8: Nico Back From the Dead!

Two months in and SolArt Radio continues to break new ground! In this birthday show for Sali Heraldez, co-host Vivian Shirazzz brings Nico from the Velvet Underground back from the dead! Miracle of all miracles, Nico sings “Femme Fatale,” while letting her fans know about her past career, how it started, and her plans for the future now that she has returned to the land of the living!

This was a long rumored interview done by Shirazzz that had been promised for many weeks to SolArt Radio listeners, but finally has arrived in this episode! Also streaming from under the tower this week are b-day dedication songs to Sali Heraldez and a special report back from Patty Godinez, SolArt’s ambassador to China. This is definitely an episode you won’t want to miss!

Oh, and be sure to pick up your official SolArt Radio stickers at Calacas in Downtown Santa Ana. Post them everywhere to help spread the word!


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