Luke’s Lecturing Leap

Gregorio Luke, the former director of the Museum of Latin American Art, has been tirelessly lecturing on artists such as Frida Kahlo, Miguel Covarrubias, and Rufino Tamayo in his new life as a public intellectual. He is driven by a vision that sees the history and the appreciation of Mexican art coming to the masses. Indeed, in an interview with Gustavo Arellano last Tuesday, Luke said that neither his public lecturers nor the station should accept marginality.

To that end, the Long Beach resident attempted his greatest lecturing leap yet yesterday at Hollywood’s John Anson Ford Amphitheater. Usually home to concerts and other performance arts, the Ford took the risk in booking Luke to deliver multimedia lecturers over the summer at the 1,200 seat open-air venue nestled in the hillside shrubbery.  Last Sunday, he began with his first subject of the series, the famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.  Luke’s ambition paid off as a text message to me by a friend confirmed that the seats had been filled.

With Rivera’s daughter in attendance, the first step in bringing art to the masses lept forward as the lecturer who believes that even bigger venues await spoke of the Mexican muralist as his famed works of art were projected on an imposing screen.


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