SolArt Radio #7: Cat Live in Studio!

SolArt Radio is back with yet another live performance in-studio! This time listeners will be graced by the music of Cat – formerly of Mystery Hangup now with Strangely Attractive.  She had this to say about her SolArt Radio experience:

“Hello my friends, I hope you are doing well. On wednesday, june 3rd I had the opportunity to meet up with the crew of Sol Art Radio and had a blast with Sali Herladez, Lilia Limoncelli, Carla Zarate, and Marisela these womyn are amazing, intelligent, talented and are committed to helping their community thrive and be heard.

Check me out on Sol Art Radio. You will hear a song never heard before played acoustically and sung by me =) I hope you enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are. Input is always welcome

Please support Sol Art Radio and spread the word~ “The goal of SolArt is to promote solidarity through all the arts. SolArt believes that art and politics are not mutually exclusive and that they are most successful when they are brought together. SolArt’s staff is composed by local Santa Ana women who have spent most of their adult lives balancing their passion for local activism with a commitment for the arts in every medium”

A warm Thank you to Gabriel San Roman : for connecting me with this unforgettable gig. * Feel Free to Copy and Repost this Blog in your Bulletins to help spread the word *


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