Subversive Historian – 06/02/09

The Taking of Fort Michilimakinac

Back in the day on June 2nd, 1763, Chippewa natives outsmarted the British in the taking of Fort Michilimakinac. Inspired by the rebellion of Ottowan chief Pontiac, the Chippewa devised a clever strategy to take the large and fortified British post. Under the utmost secrecy, the plot was carefully executed by chief Minavavana. First, he wisely sent away all those Chippewans whose anti-British sentiments were questionable. Second, he befriended Captain George Etherington who was in command of the post. With trust gained, chief Minavavana then convinced Etherington to host a celebration of King George III’s birthday two days early. As part of the festivities, the Chippewa staged a game similar to lacrosse that served as the diversion. With soldiers and officers idly watching, a player hooked the ball over the fort as planned. The Chippewa players then ran to retrieve, not the ball, but weapons as the plot achieved its objective with the British surrendering.

Using a sporting event as a diversionary tactic? Hmm. Game one of the NBA Finals between the LA Lakers and the Orlando Magic is this Thursday at the Staples Center…


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