SolArt Radio #6: Alejandro Alegria Live in Studio

In the ongoing evolution of SolArt Radio – your “anti-gentrification station” – Sali “Fire in the Lung” Heraldez welcomes its first live performer! Before taking a plane to Guatemala to promote his new album, Alejandro Alegria stopped by Santa Ana and joined Heraldez in the recording studio to perform songs. Journalist Vladimir Ventura also appears on this week’s episode of SolArt Radio and interviews Alegria about his music in between live songs!

And if you listen close enough, Heraldez gives you a heads up on how you can take home an autographed copy of Alegria’s new album! Live performances and free giveaways – SolArt Radio has arrived! As always, tell a friend and spread the word. Be on the look out as well because soon SolArt Radio stickers will adorn every stop sign in every corner of Orange County! Next week, I’ll be back – this time for reals – and will be happily joined in studio by our next live performer Cat from Strangely Attractive!


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