Subversive Historian – 05/29/09

The 40th Anniversary of “El Cordobazo”

Back in the day on May 29th, 1969, a planned strike and protest demonstration in Cordoba, Argentina turned into an all out urban revolt. Known to history as “El Cordobazo,” the broad based uprising in the industrial city exactly forty years ago had been galvanized by the authoritarian dictatorship of General Juan Carlos Ogania. With organized labor and university students being principle targets of Ogania’s self-proclaimed “Argentine Revolution,” the two forged a common unity against it. Under the leadership of unionists like Agustin Tosco, workers abandoned their factories as students and common citizens joined them in a march to the city’s center. After the first confrontation with police left one worker dead, public outrage boiled over into a spontaneous revolt that by one p.m. controlled much of the west side of the city. Rooftop snipers repelled initial incursions by the army, but tanks rolled in the next day crushing the insurrection.

The Cordobazo, however, shook the very foundations of the Ogania dictatorship as the general resigned a year after.


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