Travel Tips for Aztlan: Radio Reconquistas!

Back in 1999, I didn’t get the whole KPFK radio thing. I was already decidedly left-wing, but knew nothing of the station aside from its Latin Alternative music program “Travel Tips for Aztlan” airing every Saturday night from 10 pm – midnight. Rock en Español was at its peak phase but I still preferred to get my musical fix from the show hosted by Mark Torres on 90.7 FM instead of the trendy programs on radio and TV that would pop up and soon fizzle when the genre began bottoming out commercially.

Fast-forward six years and I found myself working at the station still not fully getting it, but acknowledging to Torres that Travel Tips had been my gateway drug to it! Now, as an occasional guest host and contributor of the show, I’m very happy to see it get its due in a Los Angeles Times piece authored by Reed Johnson in this Sunday’s edition of the paper. Read how every Saturday night, Mark Torres and current cohort Mariluz Gonzalez spend two hours proving to the world that Latin Alternative music from below the border and around the block hasn’t atrophied so there is no reason you should be stuck listening to you old Caifanes albums in mourning!,0,4718742.story

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