SolArt Radio #5: Vivian Shirazzz Bday Bash

The fifth episode of SolArt Radio is finally here and it’s another hour – and then some – of Vivian Shirazzz birthday madness. This week I checked out of the show for the first time, but the ladies did a fine job holding down the mics without me. (Fret not, I will be back in the mix for next weekend’s show – in the meantime, twitter deez nuts!)

New cuts from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs among other songs in Shirazzz’s thematic playlist accompany irreverant chatter about war, peace and sex in this all estrogen edition of SolArt Radio. In between music blocks, the ladies muse about the contemporary meanings of the Greek comedy Lysistrata which is currently staging at Breath of Fire Theater in Santa Ana. Check out the show and support grassroots arts in the community and be sure to tell the Breath of Fire folks where you heard about their show!

As always, tell a friend and spread the word about In the meantime, you can check the ladies of SolArt out as they will be interviewed this Wednesday at 7 pm on Feminist Magazine 90.7FM KPFK Los Angeles.


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