From the Governator’s Desk

{The Governator will be making cuts more brutal than in this infamous shed scene starring Schwarzenegger as “Commando”}

With most of the budget-related measures on California’s special election ballot defeated on Tuesday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Democratic colleagues in the legislature are stating that deep cuts will have to follow. The projected shortfall for the state is listed 21.3 billion dollars and newspapers like the Los Angeles Times are describing Sacramento’s way forward through budget cuts as “brutal,” “annihilating,” and “painful.”

Of course, those who are sure to be on the chopping block most prominently are education, and services for the most needy among us. Local governments, public safety and other necessities in the state will inevitably feel the painful pinch from this fallout as well. It’s a time where the Governor may make good on all his scare-tactics from his worst-case scenario budget plan announced ahead of Tuesday’s special election. And it’s definitely a time like this when the wisdom of Peter Miguel Camejo is most acutely missed.

Camejo always promoted independent thinking concerning the governance of the state in his previous bids for the office. His pragmatic solutions were more aligned with Martin Luther King Jr’s “revolution of values,” than the false choices presented to voters this past Tuesday. It is most certainly understood that the deficit California is facing is particularly astounding. However, in just the smallest example, how can we justify continuing failed systems in these dire times like the death penalty, which apart from being flawed in many regards, would save the state 100 million dollars annually if it were to be abolished? Or how can we continue to have a classist tax structure favoring the wealthy elites? Talk about a real tax revolt!

This and other “unfavored truths” are rarely raised before the media and rarely are ever put before the voters on special elections…


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