Your “Los Angeles” Lakers?

Tonight is the first game of the NBA Western Conference Finals pitting the Los Angeles Lakers against the Denver Nuggets. Anytime the Lakers play a home game on national television, it’s always interesting to take note of how ABC, TNT and ESPN choose to represent the city to viewers across the nation. Tune in tonight and you will be sure to see an overhead shot of downtown Los Angeles over and over again displaying the vastness of its impressive sprawl…

But aside from that, the only other images that will represent the city tonight are shots of the Santa Monica Pier. Sure, sunset shots of beachside piers along our great Pacific coast are beautiful and all, but is that the only image besides an overhead view of downtown LA that is “suitable” to represent the city? Is that the best the production crew at these television channels can come up with?

Things you will never see: Marv Albert throwing to a commercial break with a panoramic view of the Watts tower, or a nice shot of people bustling at Placita Olvera. You don’t see these communities represented in televised broadcasts of Laker games, just as you don’t see their residents on camera at the game. Oh – they’ve got seats at Staples, just in the upper level rooting like true fans while all the posh Santa Monicans are courtside obliviously texting on their iPhones while Kobe Bryant drives to the lane for a reverse layup!


2 responses to “Your “Los Angeles” Lakers?

  1. Not really the gist of this post, but, yes…GO LAKERS!

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