SolArt Radio #4: We Are A Month Old!

With the fourth episode of SolArt Radio online and streaming from beneath the tower, the all volunteer internet program completes its first month of existence! In this show, the ladies of SolArt adopt nom de vinos preferring to be known as Marla Merlot, Lili Limoncello and of course, Vivian Shirazzz. I still don’t have a liquor nickname, so if any of you out there have any suggestions, feel free to comment on this thread!

Musically, as always, we continue to explore grooves from around the block and around the world! Artists like Bank Holiday, Lysa Flores and the Blank Tapes, who have come through the doors of SolArt Gallery & Cafe are included in this week’s playlist as are international bands such as Los Aguakates, Ataque 77, and the T.P. Orchestre Poly Ritmo. SolArt Radio is a place on the world wide web where you can always count on eclectic musical mashups!

To that end, if you are a musician, please send us your demo! If you are a listener, please send us your dedications and requests! Find all of our contact information on!


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