Subversive Historian – 05/14/09

The Jackson State Tragedy

Back in the day on May 14th, 1970, students on the campus of Jackson State College in Mississippi gathered for a protest that ended tragically. Ten days after the killings at Kent State, a group of a hundred or so African-American students took to Lynch Street in the late night to stage anti-war and anti-racism protests. The street, which dissected the campus in half, soon became the sight of a confrontation between the students and law enforcement officials. A few minutes into the early morning hours of May 15th, Jackson city policeman and Mississippi state police dispersed the students by opening fire in a fusillade that lasted for 30 seconds. Phillip Layfayette Gibbs, a 21 year old pre-law major was killed as was James Earl Green, a 17 year old high school bystander.

Of course, no one was ever held to account for the killings in this tragedy that is all too often overlooked and overshadowed by the events of Kent State.


One response to “Subversive Historian – 05/14/09

  1. Wow. White privilege controls history too – I never knew about these shootings, only Kent State, which I hear about every year.

    Rest In Power Phillip Gibbs and James Green.

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