Subversive Historian – 05/12/09

The Execution of James Connolly

Back in the day on May 12th, 1916, James Connolly became the last of the Irish rebel leaders to be executed in connection to the Easter Uprising. Born to immigrant parents in Scotland, Connolly grew to despise the treatment of the Irish during his time enlisted in the British Army. From his newfound commitments, he then went on to participate in numerous socialist organizations in Ireland as well as in the United States. When World War I raged on, the political theorist and revolutionary had decided that the time for Irish independence from Britain had come. Connelly’s small but disciplined Irish Citizen Army agreed to a joint insurrection with the Irish Republican Brotherhood. He was appointed Commandant-General of the Dublin Brigade and when the Easter Uprising began on April 24th, 1916, he suffered severe wounds in the fighting. After the Irish insurrectionary forces surrendered, Connolly was arrested and court-martialed.

Readying himself for the fate that awaited, the revolutionary defiantly stated that “We succeeded in proving that Irishmen are ready to die endeavoring to win [national rights] for Ireland.”


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