SolArt Radio #3: Endangered Progressives & LaXicans!

SolArt Radio is going strong in the first month of its existence with an exclusive premiere from the musical collaboration known as “Laxican!” Featuring musicians from War like Pancho Tomaselli and Sal Rodriguez, Laxican is redefining the Latino funk foundations for a new LA generation! You’ll be the first to hear their OG cut from the project featuring the vocals of Karlos Paez of the B Side Players when you tune into episode three of SolArt Radio this weekend!

Lilia Lamas, Caro Sarmiento, and SolArt Sali join me once more in holding down the show which also features an enlightening discussion on “Endangered Progressives,” – why the left is failing to procreate cadres for the revolution – particularly in OC – while conservatives follow the example of  Sarah Palin and power out family members like a factory assembly line! We follow up our laser-like analysis with the lighter flicking anthem song of the Endangered Progressives; “State of Affairs” by the now defunct Los Abandoned! Singer Pilar Diaz laments, “Why can’t I find someone/ Who cares as much as I do/ About the current state of affairs?/ Why can’t I find someone who cares?” It seemed only fitting!

Now that episode #3 is out, continue to tell your friends, spread the word about SolArt Radio and help us build our audience! Musicians: Please send us an mp3 for our upcoming playlists or send a CD to our P.O. Box – all relevant information can be found on the website!


2 responses to “SolArt Radio #3: Endangered Progressives & LaXicans!

  1. As someone who long and unsuccessfully tried to catch some progressive tail, may I submit that down chicas will always go for the guy more radical than you? One chick once dumped me for an illegal who called himself Marx!

  2. haha! but I thought you were a groucho marxist!

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