The Supreme Council of Chicanismo: Tacos at Midnight?


The Case: “Late Night: Tacos at Midnight” Doritos brand tortilla chips

The Opinion: Things have certainly changed since the Supreme Council of Chicanismo’s late night debaucheries a decade ago in high school. Back then, Doritos, and other food peddling companies, didn’t bother marketing to the up-to-no-good demographic. Now, it’s fashionable advertising with Taco Bell’s “fourth meal” and the new Doritos “Late Night” series that includes “Last Call Jalapeno Poppers” and “Tacos at Midnight.” The Supreme Council has not received a sample of the new MSG loaded – but trans fat free! – flavor dust ridden chips so it’s unclear as to what “Tacos at Midnight” taste they are trying to approximate.

Could it be the much maligned taco trucks of Los Angeles and Santa Ana which face city government harassment despite their popularity with la raza? Or could it be the “Open 25 Hours a Day,” Brito’s Taqueria stylings for that post-bar or post-club grub fest? Either way, the Supreme Council’s deliberations are swaying to a judgement of failure on both counts. If Doritos is aiming for the taqueria experience, a trip to Tacos Mexico at midnight this weekend will reveal that the only people there at that time are the Mexican cooks singing along to the jams on the FM radio. Why? Because people don’t hit up the taqueria until 2 a.m. Why? Because they are still partying! Shit, midnight is only two hours after they left their pad in the first place! Come back in about two hours Doritos dummies to find the drunken stupors of people dropping crumbled bills onto the counter and asking the cashier for how ever many tacos al pastor those wrinkly Lincolns will buy!

It’s all in the name, and on that count, these chips ain’t up on game. With that, Doritos obviously displays a profound ignorance of the true weekend taqueria experience! Could they fair better by stating their approximation was the flavor of the taco truck tacos? For starters, no flavor dust can ever start to compare, but what’s really behind this nonsense, anyhow? This attempt reeks of the “so-called street tacos” of the Lola Gaspar restaurant in downtown Santa Ana. When the real deal exists in abundance, why try to pathetically recreate it? This is the same sin as a cover band playing the songs of an act that is still currently recording and touring!

The Decision: Just like Alex Rivera’s “Sleep Dealer,” portrayed a Sci-Fi future where the U.S. nabs all of the labor of Mexicans without having to deal with them living in their country, Doritos “Tacos at Midnight” chips similarly want all the novelty of the late night taco without being surrounded in the late night by Paco! Be true to thyself Doritos, and rename your pinche chips “Rockin’ Tacos at Midnight.” No one, then, will ever think to question! Not even the Supreme Council!

2 responses to “The Supreme Council of Chicanismo: Tacos at Midnight?

  1. “Rockin’ Tacos at Midnight”—HILARIOUS. Doritos is stupid—doesn’t Frito-Lays know that Mexicans only eat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?

  2. Haha! Doritos is the Carl’s Jr. of chips! Just making up stoopid shit!

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