SolArt Radio #2: Too Much Wine!

As is the case every weekend, a new show of SolArt Radio, a community media project based in Santa Ana, is up and available for streaming.  Started last month to commemorate the institution’s 5th anniversary, SolArt Radio continues to bring community voices and local musicians to the mix on the world wide web!

In this second show, the ever controversial “Vivian Shirazzz” persona makes her debut with guitar man Mateo Sancheese plucking the background music. Holding it down with “Too Much Wine” for the rest of the hour is SolArt Sali, Rafa Solorzano, Lilia Lamas, Caro Sarmiento and myself. This week we spin a more eclectic mix of local and international bands including: Lucybell, Ely Guerra, Pilar Diaz, Bob Marley, Don Armando, Cordero, La Santa Cecilia, the Shins, Rebels to the Grain and Son del Centro!

Mixing up the debate among the very intelligent and opinionated hosts is a playfully adversarial conversation on the role of sports in society (Go Lakers!) Also, as the Son Jarocho stylings of Santa Ana’s Son del Centro brings the second show of SolArt Radio to a close, I speak with SolArt Sali and Caro as they relate their experiences as SDC rejects!

All that and more, always on Tell a friend and spread the word.


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