EZLN: We Are Safe From the “Swine Flu!”

{Marcos: The Capitalist Swine Flu is much deadlier}

Mexico has been a global epicentre for the recent swine flu outbreak scare that has claimed several lives. The New York Times reports today that the number of confirmed deaths in the country is now at seven, however, with 159 others attributable to flu like symptoms. That’s enough for countries like Cuba and Argentina to have an effective travel ban on Mexico.

The NYT goes on to note that, “Mexico City, one of the world’s largest cities, has taken drastic preventative steps, shutting down schools, gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, and movie theaters. Many people on the streets have donned masks in hopes of protection.”

It is in that last precautionary measure, that there is no news of any swine flu cases in the autonomous Zapatista controlled regions of the Mexican state of Chiapas! To that end, Subcomandante Marcos said in a recent statement: “I have said before that I will take off my ski mask when Mexican society takes off its own mask, the one it uses to cover up the real Mexico…However, today I am announcing that even if that were to happen, I would keep my mask on so as to not catch the swine flu!”

And so the revolutionary emblematic “Pasamontaña” has taken on a new meaning in our ever stranger globalized economy…

Meanwhile, in other news, any reports linking the outbreak of the Swine Flu to a plate of Tacos al Pastor are just flat out lies meant to defame the world’s most perfect food!


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