SolArt Radio is Here!

Almost a year ago, the doors of SolArt Gallery and Cafe in Santa Ana closed quietly and ceased to be a physical space in service to local bands and artists. Enjambre, Mystery Hangup, My Machete, the Inkblots and the Dig are just a few of the talented musical acts that have rocked the stage of the gallery’s two locations over the years. However, like any venture in Santa Ana outside the scope of the City government’s “development” vision, SolArt faced mounting challenges maintaining its operations while other ventures and buildings  in Santa Ana enjoy priveleges few could imagine.

Nevertheless, now upon its fifth anniversary, the space of SolArt has resurrected as an internet radio station. Through playlists and interviews, it is hoped that the gallery’s mission of “Promoting Solidarity Through All the Arts,” can still be achieved even in absence of a physical location.

As someone with a little radio expertise, I’ve decided to lend my hand to this endeavor as a host and producer.  So definitely check out every weekend as a new show will be streaming live! The first show, in celebration of SolArt’s fifth anniversary, is already up and features the music of, among others, Funeral Party, Pilar Diaz, and Lex Land!


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