La Linea de Oh No!

Every morning, when I have time, I enjoy reading the Letters to the Editor in the Los Angeles Times. These days, it may be the only thing left worth reading! Anyhow, I usually skim in search of comments that I find incredulous as such is my form of entertainment – which also explains why every so often I tune into Sean Insanity on Fox News.

With that in mind, this morning was no disappointment! A reader took issue to the recent news that the MTA approved a name in Spanish for a segment of the light railway that will run through East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights. Instead of being known as the Gold Line, the vote christined it “La Linea de Oro, Edward R. Roybal.” In response, the reader said:

The effort to rename the Gold Line with its Spanish equivalent was misguided. While the whole world learns English as the language of science and international commerce, Los Angeles County discourages that essential key to success and education in its own Latino population.

The Latino population will never reach economic and educational parity as long as they cling to Spanish and maintain their linguistic and cultural isolation.

Larry Rivetz

For starters, I’m remarkably indifferent as to what they name the Gold Line in whatever language. However, I find it insane to opine that this renaming has any significance for the “key to success” for the Latino population one way or another! That’s taking it a little overboard! As to the reader’s last point about cultural and linguistic isolation, I agree! So let’s start off by renaming “Los Angeles”  um…”Los Angeles!”


3 responses to “La Linea de Oh No!

  1. I think most people see “Spanish” as “Mexican,” something we do not need to learn and they need to ditch for the “language of science and international commerce,” English.

    No mention that Spanish is from Spain. No thoughts to how it got here. No feelings about this land being, well, Spanish – in imperial origin (forgoing the obvious indigenous facet of this pithy tale). And nothing on the beauty of the language, of all language, and that languages are created EQUAL. Oh well.

    Great analysis. I tune into that shit for the same reason as you. Keep up the great work.

    • Daniel, you missed the point, and most people do not see “Spanish” as “Mexican” Mexican is a culture not a language. Spanish is compose of Latin and Greek, not necessarly from Spain only. The point is that hispanic need to also learn to communicate in English if they plan to stay in the USA. English is the business language, in order to get a good job or education you better learn English. It does not have anything to do with the Spanish Language and its deribitive.

  2. When people deride “Spanish” in the US, it’s because they have a disdain for Mexicans and the perception of their inability to assimilate. Experience is the best teacher on this one!

    To your other point, “The Gold Line/La Linea de Oro” is such a High School Spanish I class token translation, that getting worked up about it one way or another and ascribing apocalyptic consequences to it is just downright silly!

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