Breath of Fire’s “Quiet Revolution”

The LA/OC Theatre Examiner wrote the following article about Breath of Fire in promotion of its current production. Have a read:

‘When Nature Calls’ at Santa Ana’s Breath of Fire Theater

By Jordan Young

The piggy bank’s almost empty but you’ve gotta have it-entertainment, that is. The storefront theatre movement is hip to your plight, and at its best offers far more than watered down leftovers and stale chestnuts.

Take the exemplary Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble, for instance. Just because this young company is housed in a former office space over a restaurant doesn’t mean you should lower your expectations. Just the opposite-there’s a quiet revolution going on at the corner of 5th and Broadway in Santa Ana. This isn’t a fledging group with a high falutin’ mission statement and nothing behind it; when they say they want to empower the community and be a catalyst for social change, they mean business.

BOF is theatre with a social conscience. They proved it by launching themselves in 2006 with The “Mexican” OC, which talked about the sorry, little-known history of Orange County’s prejudice toward Latinos. Their current show, the world premiere of When Nature Calls by Josefina Lopez (Real Women Have Curves), raises environmental consciousness by exploring “the connection and the responsibility of women to nature and the potential change they can create in a volatile world.” The play is directed by Elsa Martinez Phillips and runs through May 2.


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