Border Hoppers

According to Gustavo Arellano at the OC Weekly, Wadiya’s in Anaheim is OC’s first Sri Lankan restaurant. I finally checked it out this weekend, with the writer no less, and was not disappointed in the least bit. The black curry dish I consumed as part of their simple, yet delicious, buffet was as close to a drug experience as food can get. Upon initial ingestion, the savory flavors seduced my taste buds until the sniffle-inducing, eye-watering heat of its spices crept up like the first waves of an acid frenzy!

Aside from other delectable cuisines , Sri Lankans also have their version of a tortilla called hoppers. The bowl shaped bread that is lightly toasted on the outside making it resemble a silicone breast pad is broken into pieces and scoops up the rogue juices left  on your dinner plate. The parallels between hopper scoopers and tortilla barquitos got me thinking…Fusion cuisine is all the rage now, especially with Thai/Sushi joints taking the lead. Wadiya’s is in the predominately Mexican city of Anaheim.

Hmm. What if they threw in some beans, rice, and salsa in the Sri Lankan bread bowls and called them “border hoppers!”

Shit, why not? Eses are already bumpin’ M.I.A. Let’s bring our people together!


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