Fuck Yoo!

Since last Thursday, the people of the United States and the world have learned a little more about the criminality of the Bush regime. The Justice Department, not wanting to appear to have been forced due to an ACLU lawsuit, released four torture memos that are sure to live in infamy in the annuls of  history. Since that time, we the people have learned that the torture technique called “waterboarding” was used extensively and even in breach of the CIA’s own perverted guidelines! It was also made known in these memos that detainees were subjected to intense sleep deprivation and slammed against walls.

John Yoo, now a law professor visiting at Chapman University, was a leading author of the egregious 2002 memos that enabled the Bush regime and the CIA to carry out torture in the name of security.  His actions, in using tortured logic to ensure its legality during his time as a legal adviser to the Bush regime, garner him the status of an American Eichmann. In what may be the biggest disappointment to those who felt that President Obama might offer a modicum of change, people like Yoo and the torturers themselves are not going to be prosecuted. The only faint chance of justice being metered out lies with a Spanish judge, Baltazar Garzon, and a one-in-six chance he will be able to look into the crimes committed by Yoo and the rest of the “Bush Six.”

If nothing else, the release of the torture memos bring back to the forefront the discussion of the presidential abuses of power that occurred during the Bush regime.  Obama can only get away with dismissing justice in these crimes if the populace is still tranquil about them. Yoo is set to do his part fighting against any budding notions of a critical mass by attempting to rationalize his actions in a debate tomorrow morning at Chapman University. He’ll be going toe-to-toe with fellow university law professors Katherine Darmer and Lawrence Rosenthal on campus at 11 a.m.  Until democracy in the U.S. matures to where the powerful can not abuse the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions with impunity, the best we can wish for in the meantime, is an argumentative trouncing.


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