Subversive Historian – 04/17/09

{Pepe San Roman – You shamed the family name…if we were related!}

The Bay of Pigs Invasion

Back in the day on April 17th, 1961, the United States orchestrated the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by counter-revolutionary exiles seeking to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro. A dramatic culmination of diplomatic strife between the two countries following the Cuban Revolution, the U.S. under the Kennedy administration preceded the invasion with a strategic covert bombing campaign two days earlier. In the early morning hours of the Bay of Pigs invasion that followed, the brigade of about 1,500 exiles trained by the CIA in Guatemala and commanded by Pepe San Roman – no relation to your subversive historian – landed and deployed into six battalions. The deep involvement of the U.S. in the invasion, in breach of numerous international charters, failed to secure victory for the exile brigade, however. In just seventy-two hours, they were utterly defeated with more than 100 killed and many more taken prisoner.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara, in speaking later with Richard Goodwin, an aide to President Kennedy, sarcastically conveyed his thanks to the administration for the botched invasion.


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