Don’t Sleep on It!

Young and upcoming film maker, Alex Rivera’s first feature length film, Sleep Dealer, hits the theaters this weekend. Not your average science-fiction film, Sleep Dealer is set on the border between the US and Mexico at a time when workers sell their virtual cheap labor across borders without actually crossing them, poor people sell their memories for a living, and corporations have succeeded in near-complete privatization of everything. Memo Cruz, a young man living in a dusty rural village in Mexico, taps into wireless communications as a hobby, accidentally leading him into the dangerous world of the so-called Sleep Dealers.

The film breaks many barriers, including being almost entirely in Spanish (with English subtitles). Alex Rivera, who has no formal film training, spent over a decade making the film, which won major recognition at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, capturing the coveted Alfred P Sloan award. The New York Times called the film, “exuberantly entertaining, a dystopian fable of globalization disguised as a science-fiction adventure… with intellectual clarity and storytelling discipline.” Sleep Dealer is being distributed by Maya Entertainment, a Latino-run company, that has enabled KPFK listeners to help raise funds for the station through 30% of all the sale prices of all tickets whose stubs are turned in.

See the movie on April 17th, 18th, and 19th, then drop off your ticket stub at KPFK or Imix Bookstore in Eagle Rock; or mail them into the station, attention “Sleep Dealer”. Look for carefully marked drop-off boxes at these locations. This is a film event for friends, familia and co-workers, and will benefit your community radio station, KPFK.

4 responses to “Don’t Sleep on It!

  1. Wow, thanks for posting this. I really want to see this movie.

  2. Spectacular science fiction movie. Saw it with some friends over the weekend. Don’t hesitate to check this out if you get a chance.

  3. General Question: Hasn’t the genre of Science Fiction always had a strong strand of social critique?

    I’m not too familiar, but that is my impression. In any event, Sleep Dealer is distinctive for its take on immigration and the future.

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