Free Nina D and Jenn!

{Girl in a Coma are music lovers, not fighters}

The San Antonio based “Girl in a Coma” released a public statement earlier this month after a period of silence in regards to an incident at a Houston bar last month in which two of the band members, Nina D and Jenn Alva were arrested and taken to jail. The Houston Press recounts how on the night of March 22nd, two off duty officers working security at Chances bar got involved in what one witness said was a play fight between Nina D and her boyfriend. As things escalated, Jenn Alva tried to get involved when one of the security officers pushed her, struck her with a baton and punched her. The witness to the entire incident told the Houston Press that she was screaming, “This is why I fucking hate men,” after being on the receiving end of blows that she had to go to the hospital for.

The band, through its publicist released the following in regards to what happened that night at the bar to which they were just patrons and not performers:

“As has been reported in the media, two of the members of the San Antonio-based band Girl In A Coma were involved in an altercation at a bar in the Montrose area of Houston on the evening of March 22nd, 2009.

“The girls would like to express their gratitude to all who have sent messages of concern and support. ‘We are loving, positive individuals and are not ones to cause or wish harm to anyone. We have always had and continue to have the utmost respect for those men and women in law enforcement who honor their oaths to protect and to serve. Once the facts are fully aired, we are confident that we will be fully exonerated,’ state Jenn Alva and Nina Diaz. This is their first encounter with the criminal justice system.”

“After being briefly detained and processed at a Harris County jail, singer/guitarist Nina Diaz and bassist Jennifer Alva were subsequently charged with felony assault on a public servant.

“While they are unable to comment on the specifics of the incident at this time, Nina and Jenn expect to be fully exonerated in due course as the full details of the matter come to light and ask for your patience as they deal with this legal matter.

As noted in the statement, the two bandmembers were charged with a serious felony assault on a public servant. The Houston Press does not give details about what that supposed assault might have been and of course the publicist’s statement does not divulge into any account of what happened that night either. Unconfirmed blogging seems to suggest something along the lines of one bandmember slapping one security officer a la Zsa Zsa, while another was said to have thrown a bottle.  Again, that’s unconfirmed and as the girls say, they expect to be fully exonerated.

Of course, those with good memories will remember that a somewhat similar incident spoiled an Ozomatli show in Austin at the SXSW music conference a few years ago. Felony charges were eventually dropped against the band members, and hopefully they will be in Girl in a Coma’s case as well.

This unfortunate incident notwithstanding, the superbly talented band will be releasing their sophomore follow-up effort “Trio B.C.” on Blackheart Records this June 2nd and have an ambitious tour schedule to take them through the summer.

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