The Supreme Council of Chicanismo: “We Are All Filipinos Now!”

The Case: The Retirement of the “Pride of East LA”

Opinion: The “Golden Boy,” officially retired from the sport of boxing yesterday as he made the announcement in front of his statue at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Yes, reflecting upon on his career, people, including the Supreme Council, are going to give him his due for the sure to be recited ad nauseam stat line: 10 titles in six weight classes, 19 pay-per-view fights – a record, and nearly $700 million in pay-per-view revenue earned.

(Whew, the Supreme Council is sure glad that’s over!) The truth is, de la Hoya’s talents retired from him years ago. The last time he was really geared up for a fight was when he defeated the roid rage embarrassment of Oxnard Fernando Vargas in 2002.  That was only a notable victory because of his opponent’s penchant for shit talking and de la Hoya’s subsequent destruction of him. Prior to that, the Golden Boy had previously been on an upward ascent until he arrogantly took the last few rounds off against Felix Trinidad back in 1999.

Sure, the Cinco de Mayo throwdown in 2007 between de la Hoya and Mayweather Jr. wasn’t exciting (because of the latter’s constant stick and move style) but I’ll be damned if the Golden Boy or anyone else thinks he deserved to win that fight! With that quick overview, it was plain to see that de la Hoya was over a long time ago. If anyone needs more convincing, in his very last fight – more on that next – it was sad to see that de la Hoya’s notable losses featured more impressive names in boxing than his notable wins!

Lastly, there is the regrettable manner in which the Golden Boy’s boxing career came to a grinding halt. With Vegas odds makers actually giving de la Hoya considerable due in his recent match against Manny Pacquiao, the “pride of East LA” turned in a performance more embarrassing than his drag photos released by a stripper and his pop album combined! De la Hoya lost every single round in a terribly lopsided fight from start to finish. With a loss all but ensured, his corner asked him if he had a headache! De la Hoya threw in the towel after that humiliating question and the commentators were harsh in their assessment of his performance, or lack-thereof, afterwards.

Decision: The Supreme Council of Chicanismo regrets the embarrassment that de la Hoya became in his last fight. That, coupled with Antonio Margarito, the tornado from Tijuana, being guilty of plastering his hand wraps (hey, he is Mexican! It was probably from some pre-fight construction jale!) there are now no Mexican boxers to attach our nationalist chauvinism to. Therefore, the  Supreme Council urges you all to do  as it has  already done and  jump on the pinoy Pacman bandwagon!

We Are All Filipinos Now!


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