Subversive Historian – 04/13/09

The Colfax Massacre

Back in the day on April 13th, 1873, the Colfax Massacre occurred in Louisiana. Having taken place during Reconstruction, the White League, a paramilitary organization, assaulted blacks, many of whom were members of the state militia. Anywhere from 62 to 150 blacks were killed as a result of this act of terror that sought to superimpose through violence white rule. Having found the 14th and 15th amendment of the constitution offensive and intrusive, the White League was an armed wing of a shadow government formed after a contested election for Governor of Louisiana ultimately resulted in the Republican candidate winning. In the Colfax Massacre, the racist paramilitary organization cowardly executed as many as 40 blacks after they had already surrendered. It took not one but two trials before only three members of the White League were convicted.

However, the Supreme Court, threw out those convictions in an opinion that made no mention of the blacks who were massacred…


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